Happy New Year! Happy Full Moon in Cancer!

Happy New Year, everybody! 2018 opens with a grand gift to all of us. Today’s Wolf Moon is powerful, transformative, dynamic, and heart-warming at the same time. Taking place at 11°37 of Cancer, and peaking at 2:24am UT on January the 2nd, the Moon is interacting with almost all the astrological planets in the sky. And if that weren’t enough, it’s also a Supermoon. Supermoons are closer to Earth than regular Full or New Moons, and that much more powerful and sizeable. You’ll definitely want to watch this one, one of the biggest to observe this year. The Full Moon in its home sign of watery Cancer puts us firmly in touch with our emotions. Cancer wants everyone to feel safe and secure, and reminds us that the wisdom of our hearts can be far more potent than any mundane ambition. There is an underlying sense of goodness, love, coziness, compassion, and generosity on this day. Yet, this is an Emotional day with a capital ‘E’. The floodgates are open, for better or for worse. We may wish to withdraw into our shell, clinging to the comfort of our safe corner, and shut out the harsh world of duty and responsibility. Or we may be extra sensitive today, with even small triggers pushing us over the edge. Full Moon in CancerThe Cancer Full Moon forms a grand trine with Neptune in Pisces and Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio. With all this water, feelings stir us from within, and we listen to our intuition in our hunger for emotional connection. The Moon also opposes the Sun, Saturn, Venus, and Pluto in Capricorn, in a transformative kite formation. It’s time to take things seriously, and to focus on laying solid foundations in our professional and home lives. At the same time, Uranus is stationing to go direct, catapulting us out of stagnation with impatience and rebelliousness. We are keen to move forward, to evolve, to transcend our limitations and embrace a life of joy and fulfilment. We can achieve material success in life and still cherish our memories and the people that matter in our life. This is the Cancerian lesson this January. In Italy, where I come from, we have a saying, that the first day of the year foreshadows what will happen for the rest of the year. If true, 2018 promises to be quite spectacular! Just remember to pack your kleenex...
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