Self-Sufficiency and Discernment - The Sun Enters Virgo

The Sun entered Virgo on 22nd of August in the UK. Virgo is about service, sorting, and analyzing. Self-sufficiency and discernment rule the day during this transit. This is an excellent time to work on your health and daily routine. Why not re-evaluate your daily grind, with an eye to reducing waste and increasing efficiency? Hard work is associated with this transit, so you'll likely put your head down for the next few weeks. Look to your natal chart to see which house Virgo falls in to zoom into where to focus your energies. Sun in VirgoToo much emphasis on small details and a drive to perfection can wear you down, so best to build in regular downtime and exercise in your daily schedule. Your diet is all important to stay strong and function optimally, so make sure to plan healthy meals throughout.
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