Solar Eclipse - Will It Affect You?

A powerful solar eclipse is upon us. In London it'll be exact on Monday 21/08 at 19:29 BST. It's all over the news and social media, with dire predictions and doom and gloom everywhere. Should you worry about how it will affect you? Not everybody will experience the full impact of this eclipse. Most of us will feel zilch. It's only if you have planets, Ascendant, or Midheaven around 29 degrees of the fixed signs (♉♌♏♒) that you will feel it strongly. Exactly where and how you will be affected depends on which house it falls into in your natal chart, and which of your planets are aligned with it. To be sure, eclipses can be life changing. If you are affected, you'll likely feel overwhelmed, and some situations will feel urgent. You will be thinking a lot about your future, wondering how to take charge of it, how to realise your ambitions. There's a certain intensity and focus about this eclipse. And yet, it would be best to wait before taking any drastic action. solar eclipseEclipses are always about something that is hidden in full sight. Even if you think you can see things clearly, wait for the truth to be revealed before making drastic changes in your life. This year we need to wait until mid-to-late September, after the personal planets have all passed 29 degrees of Leo, and Mercury is direct again, for the truth to start emerging. And the full outcome of the eclipse probably won't be tangible until 2018. Until then, my advice is to sit tight and not do anything rash. The time for action will come soon enough. We're all different, though, each with our own unique blueprint at the moment of our birth, and each shaped into who we are by all the actions and decisions that we've taken at each fork in our lives. What will work for one person, will not work for all of us. If you suspect you are affected and would like personalised guidance, please get in touch on
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