The Full Moon Through The Houses

The Full Moon Through The Houses

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Have you ever wondered why people seem to go crazy at the Full Moon? Why are hospitals and the police on heightened alert every twenty-eight days? What makes this astrological event so powerful and potentially disruptive?

Full Moons are a time of opposition, of extremes, of clashes between who we want to be and what makes us feel safe, of venting what was brewing in the shadow and unleashing our emotional drama onto the world around us. When the Sun opposes the Moon, which happens at Full Moon, our inner world comes under the spotlight — raw, instinctual, and full of feeling. Secrets, obsessions, unformed thoughts, unfathomable needs surge from the deep and hit us with the power of a tsunami. It's a paroxysm, a culmination, a release, and often even an ending. Often it’s a realization, a light-bulb moment, and sometimes it’s an actual event. What it always does, however, is highlight an imbalance in your life.

Let us be clear, not all Full Moons will have you shrieking and screaming and kicking like a two-year-old. Each Full Moon is different, and will affect you differently, or not at all, depending on where it falls, and what it touches in your chart and in the sky above. If the Full Moon hits a busy part of your chart, you're bound to experience it strongly. One of the key factors in understanding a Full Moon is the astrological house it falls into in your natal chart. If you are not familiar with the concept, below is a quick run through the meaning of astrological houses.

Starting from the Ascendant, your natal chart is divided into twelve parts, each carrying a different meaning, ranging from the self, resources, family, and all the way to reputation and the collective. Astrological events like a Full Moon or a planet's temporary motion through a house indicate a time of increased activity in the particular sector signified by the astrological house.

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First House

This Full Moon marks a new beginning that affects you on a very personal level — whether it’s experiences, feelings, or external events. It’s the battle of the ego versus others, of autonomy versus dependency, of following one’s path regardless of obstacles. The need to focus on yourself is now stronger, whether in terms of body, looks, how you present yourself, the impact you make on others, or your general direction in life. Priorities are shifting, and you have a strong desire to do what is right by you.

Second House

Your values, finances, and sense of self-worth come under the spotlight. This is likely about your disposable income, or a strong desire to manage your earnings more effectively. A financial project or your earnings may have changed or fluctuated wildly, or you've just made a big investment that matters to you. Maybe you've been re-assessing how secure you feel financially. Or perhaps what you value or what you own has been a hot topic for you recently.

Third House

Siblings, cousins, neighbours have given you a lot of thought recently. Perhaps you've had an argument, or you're just fed up with all the calls and emails you've been getting from them. You've been pulled into too many directions at once, and everybody wants something of you. An important document could arrive, or you could be asked to run an unexpected errand or go on a trip. If you have legal dealings under way, there could be a complication, or a breakthrough.

Fourth House

The focus is on the home, family, or living situation. You might have an important realization of what you truly need to feel safe and comfortable. There might be a breakthrough that gives you a strong sense of belonging, or that connects you with your family or ancestors. Perhaps there is an imbalance in your home life, or your family or home is taking up excessive energy. A major family rift might be healed, or perhaps work on your house or apartment is now complete.

Fifth House