Anatomy of An Earthquake - When Uranus Strikes

A deadly earthquake of magnitude 6.7 was recorded in Greece at 1:53 a.m. local time on July 21th. I was incredibly saddened to hear the news, but hardly surprised. I had been expecting a major disaster to strike exactly when it did. Last weekend I wrote on the forthcoming Uranus squares to Mars and the Sun in The Emperor's New Clothes. The most observant amongst you may have noticed how I described Uranus: Uranus excerpt As the planet of shocks and surprises, earthquakes are frequent manifestations of a strong Uranus. This is not just an astrological observation. Scientific studies from the 1950s investigated a possible correlation between the astronomical position of Uranus and the incidence of great earthquakes. Let's be clear - the planet does not cause earthquakes. Earthquakes take centuries of major re-arrangement of the Earth's surface before they can be felt. They originate deep within the Earth's core. By the day of the tremor hardly any factor can prevent it from taking place. Uranus simply indicates when a tremor is most likely to take place. So why Greece now? Here are the transits on the Greek national chart at the moment the event unfolded: greece-national-chart You will notice the powerful T-square between transiting Uranus, Sun and Mars with natal Uranus, Sun, and Chiron. Some of these aspects are ridiculously exact. Judging by the planetary aspects, the event is likely to affect Greece profoundly at the level of identity, the state, home, the nation, and Greece's place in the world. The transiting Midheaven, ruled by Uranus, falls in Greece's eigth house of devastation - and financial debt. As one of the top seven visited countries in Europe, the Greek economy is heavily reliant on tourism. Without adequate infrastructure the country will struggle to attract the numbers of tourists it so desperately needs. The pain (Chiron) will be acute. A major solar eclipse is also fast approaching, another typical astrological clue for impending natural disasters. And guess what? The eclipse is once again at 28 degrees. It will fall bang on Greece's natal Mars in Leo, and indirectly activate Greece's Sun, also in Leo and currently conjunct transiting Mars. Mars is the thread running through all this, the trigger and activator sending ripples through the world with effects either pre-dating or post-dating the eclipse. And yet, this is just the beginning. Uranus will be moving into Taurus on May 15th next year. A new world age beckons, and with it the likelihood of natural disasters is high, given the transition to an Earth sign. anatomy of earthquakeAre you curious to know what Uranus could potentially unleash in your private life? Why not get in touch for a personalized reading.
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