The Moon In Your Life

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The Moon in our birth chart (our true horoscope) describes how we meet our needs to be safe, nurtured, and accepted, both emotionally and physically, and through food and our home environment. It is our most authentic, intimate, vulnerable self that only those closest to us get to see and experience.

The phase, placement, progression and aspects of the Moon colour our unfiltered responses to experiences, and internal and external stimuli. Reflecting our emotions, it reveals our subconscious predispositions and conditioned reflexes, as we scan and respond to each ineffable trigger from our inner and outer worlds. 

Every month, twice a month, the Moon comes together with and opposes the Sun, thus marking a moment of unparalleled creative energy. While New and Full Moons mark pivotal moments in your present, when the lunation coincides with an eclipse, which happens 4-6 times a year, the effects are life-changing.

This written report offers you deep insights into

  • Your natal Moon by phase, placement, and aspects
  • Your progressed Moon
  • This year's New and Full Moons by house and aspects
  • This year's eclipses

This report will be delivered in PDF format.

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I'm still processing all that Marilena told me. I was blown away by all Marilena told me, it was as if she was in my head! I've never come across a reading like this before, and I've had a few. This is clearly a reading that I'm gonna need EVERY YEAR! Thank you, thank you, thank you!