Premium Astrology Reading

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Congratulations! You've made the right choice if you are at a crossroads in your life.

This interactive astrology reading with me will help you make sense of people, circumstances and events, and offer you all you need to make empowering decisions. No more fumbling in the dark for you!

Let's drill down together on who you are, what is puzzling you, and how to lead a happier, more successful life based on your natal ingredients. During this interactive session, you can ask me anything you need guidance on. We strategize together on how to make the most of what lies ahead for you.


A Premium Reading can last up to two hours. No time pressure. I am on hand to look at anything you want answers on, this includes using horary astrology and electing propitious dates for your big events on the spot. This is basically an astrologer on tap during the booked session.

In addition, Premium clients also get the chance to go deeper afterwards, thanks to the fantastic set of complementary material that I send after a Premium Reading:

  • Zoom recording
  • Twelve months' astrological transits report
  • All the Full Moons, New Moons and Eclipses affecting you over the next 12 months
  • Complimentary reports that I believe will help you the most.
  • Any additional notes that may arise from the session.

You cannot find a more comprehensive offering from a professional astrologer!

Not sure if this is the reading for you? See OPTIONS EXPLAINED.


  • In-depth personality assessment
  • Relevant current, past, or future trends
  • The evolution of your current relationship
  • The dynamics of your romantic and business relationships
  • * What do I need from a relationship?
    * Are we compatible?
    * How should I best approach him/her?
    * What does he/she like and need?
    * How does he/she communicate?
    * How does he/she express love or behave in a relationship?
    * Why do I always attract or get attracted to a particular type of person?
    * Who would be my perfect partner?
    * Is he/she the one?
    * Why do we argue so much?
    * Why did he/she behave this way?
    * When will I find love?
    * How do they see me?
    * What are their intentions?
    * Is this business or person a good potential partner for me?
    * When will money be coming in?
    * Should I set up a business in this area?
    * What are my best chances of success?
    * What are the best careers or businesses for me?
    * Why has it been so difficult recently?
    * Why did that happen to me?

  • When is the best time to do something, for example:
    * get married
    * ask someone out
    * end a relationship
    * pop the question
    * apply for a job
    * schedule an important meeting
    * sign a contract
    * buy a car
    * launch a book or website
    * take an exam
    * give a talk
    * throw a party
    * get a pet
    * go on vacation

 And much more!


If you are a returning client, you may be interested in a reading focussed exclusively on the next twelve months, as you have already benefited from all a Premium Reading offers.


A link to a scheduling app will be provided in your order confirmation email.

2 text or email follow-up clarifications are included in the price.

Payment is required before scheduling a session (you will require the order number to schedule the reading). 
All major currencies accepted - see our Payment Policy.

Customer Reviews

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Knowledge, Clarity, Passion, Kindness and excellent communication
Marilena is superb. She is knowledgeable. She communicates clearly and ensures you understand. The information she imparts is life guiding and she does so with kindness and grace. Some messages are significant and are delivered with sensitivity. Her passion for and appreciation of Astrology is irrefutable. I am a business professional and this is my first reading. In retrospect I would have benefited from this when I was 20. Now I will contact Marilena at least annually. Be well and be loving.

Premium Reading

Marilena was quite thoughtful with her insights about soul evolution and progression! She was able to reinforce and encourage me that I'm treading down that right Pluto path to empower my chart ruler. She was also very professional, personable, and the whole process was a breeze really! I will definitely be doing another reading with her in the future! Thank you Marilena for giving me more confidence going into 2021 :)


She’s very kind, direct, and resourceful with her information she presents things very easily and in a very digestible way. It is worth every penny. Do not go through life not knowing your purpose! Get your chart read!

Most Sincere and Detailed work!!

Marilena took the time to listen and tend to every question and desire I had. I could feel how invested she was with my reading and provided me the guidance I sought after. I felt comfortable the entire time and taken care of. There was never a moment where I felt rushed due to time or ignored. Truly worth every minute. Thank you Marilena!

A new beginning

Very eye opening to many things I knew, yet didn’t understand. I am positively sure this won’t be the last time I get a reading!!!