Hello there,

Welcome to my astrology shop!

My name is Marilena and I am a consulting astrologer, writer and speaker. I love to bring clarity to people through astrology. I live and breathe astrology, and love sharing this passion of mine with my website visitors. You can learn more about me on https://sparkastrology.com/about-marilena/.

As a six-time Libra, I love beautiful things. I strive to bring a smile to your face with the Scintillando products. Libras are also known for being keen to please, and this shop abides by this principle fully. My goal is to provide excellent products and services, and to ensure that each one of you gets exactly what you need and therefore come back for more.

Astrology is incredibly popular these days. Everybody - even the biggest skeptics - knows at least their star sign. Social media is full of astrological references and articles abound in the mainstream press. So why not offer gifts to your loved ones that are sure to resonate with them?

My catalogue is chock-a-block with beautiful jewellery, accessories and gift ideas. Most of these products come from far away, so please bear with us if shipping takes a few weeks. It will be such a delight once you open the parcel and enjoy its stunning contents.

Hope this addresses most of the questions you might have. I'll be happy to answer any more you might have; if so, please visit the Contact page. And do let me know via social media how you like the products and I'd absolutely love to see pictures of them in use!

Happy shopping!