Life is a mosaic of moments of immense beauty and luminosity.

Scintillando exists to remind you of this.

Bring a spark to everyday life with Scintillando.
From zodiac t-shirts to professional astrology readings,
there is no gift more personal, nor more welcome.


eclipse t-shirtScintillando is a brand that offers the most memorable gifts for lovers off all things spiritual. We exist to bring a smile to everyday life. We are devoted to doing just that! And with free shipping on most items and an unbeatable returns policy, what have you got to lose?

So why not offer gifts to your loved ones that are a little bit more personal? From original t-shirts to professional astrology reports, your present is bound to make them feel special. And who knows, perhaps they'll even love you a teensy bit more for it...

And now something about me... 

Marilena MarinoMy name is Marilena and I am the owner and founder of Scintillando.com. As a consulting astrologer, educator, writer and speaker, I live and breathe astrology, and love sharing this passion of mine with my customers. I have been reading horoscope charts since the 1990s, while maintaining a high-flyer career in technology. I have received formal training in modern, traditional and evolutionary astrology. I now also offer Astrology Masterclasses on Patreon. I dream that everybody should benefit from the clarity and perspective that astrology can offer, and make peace with their own selves. Read more about my background on www.sparkastrology.com.

I also LOVE cats! I have two lovely kitties - Buffy and Leo. They bring so much joy to every moment of every day. I cannot imagine a life without their antics and affection.

In 2019 I founded Scintillando, committed to bringing happiness to people. Each item in my catalogue is selected after extensive research to ensure that it fits my vision. I source my products internationally, for maximum variety, so please plan ahead. That's how I can offer the most exciting items I can find in the wellness industry. 

If you have questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Happy shopping!