How would you like to understand the dynamics in your love life? Or your partner's needs and quirks?

Discover how the planets of love in your natal chart (your true ‘horoscope’) trigger certain behaviours and repeated patterns in your love life.

* What do I need from a relationship?
* Why do I always attract or get attracted to a particular type of person?
* Who would be my perfect partner?
* Why do we argue so much?

... and much more in the written reports below:

- "Relationships" Report - strips down your and your partners' needs when it comes to love, all the way from your first relationships with your families, then associations with friends and peers, and - ultimately - your significant adult bonds. Deep and revealing, this will bare your souls! Click here for a sample report.

  • Lunar Legacies: Your Family Bonds
  • Primary Patterns of Relationship
  • Friends, Acquaintances and Colleagues
  • Equality and Partnership
  • Pleasure, Passion and Love
  • Crossing Paths - Karmic Encounters

- Composite Report - This looks at how your individual charts combine into a new one - that of the relationship as an entity of its own accord. The Composite Chart merges the astrologies of the two of you and sheds light on the core essence of you as a couple. View Sample Report here.

  • The Heart of Your Relationship — The Composite Sun
  • The Soul of Your Relationship – The Composite Moon
  • Communing and Conversing – The Composite Mercury
  • Love and Desires – Composite Venus and Mars
  • Growth and Commitment – Composite Jupiter and Saturn
  • Influences – Composite Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
  • Destiny and Opportunities – Composite Chiron and the Nodes

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- Compatibility (Synastry) Report This shows how your charts intertwine and react with one another. Explore the unique ties that exist between the two of you, both the strengths and weaknesses as well as the dynamics at play.View Sample Report here.

Understand your partner:

  • How they think
  • What they need to feel safe and thrive
  • What they see in you
  • What their values and motivations are
Understand the dynamics of the relationship:
  • Points of contact between planets and houses across the two charts
  • Opportunities and challenges.

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