Answering Your Burning Questions with Horary Astrology

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Get answers to your most burning questions with horary astrology.

Horary is the art of using astrology to answer a precise question and guide you through a specific circumstance. Not only does horary give you Yes/No answers with expected timings, but it also accurately zeroes in on the people and situation, clarifies the opportunities and challenges, and offers guidance on how to best overcome potential impasses.

It’s an old form of astrology offering accurate results. It has been in active use since around 800 CE.

I cast a horoscope or “chart” for the time when I understand your question. By analysing the chart according to a set of strict traditional rules, I can see the dynamics at play and give you an answer to the question.

After my analysis, we will get together over zoom to discuss my findings and advice.

Delivery of my verdict is within 5 days.


Step 1. Decide the question that you want to ask

If you have several questions that are important to you, ask the most important one first and then wait until you get my response before asking another. Formulate the question as clearly as possible, and ideally suitable for a yes/no answer.

Step 2. Sleep on it!

Unless your question is urgent, don’t ask right away - hold the question in your heart for a day first. This gives you time to reflect on the question and make sure you really want to know the answer.

Step 3. Purchase a horary reading

Click the Add To Cart button, then View Cart and use the Birth details or other information for Marilena box to enter your question and as much context as possible. Descriptions of the people involved as well as the situation are essential to identify the correct horary significators. Then complete the payment as normal.  


If your question makes sense to me, I can cast the chart and get started right away! If I need to clarify what you’re asking, we’ll have an exchange of emails or messages until I am confident I correctly and fully get the question and the circumstances.

Note: I cast the chart for the time when I fully understand your question, and for the location I happen to be at that time.


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