Birthday Reading

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Tired of fumbling through life without understanding what you are supposed to be doing? Wondering what the next twelve months have in store for you?
My Birthday Reading offer is a combination of all the best predictive astrology tools out there:
  • Solar Return charts
  • Annual and monthly profections
  • Solar Arcs
  • Secondary Progressions
  • Transits
  • Eclipses

What this reading gives you:

  • Answers to burning questions
  • Making sense of current trends
  • Instant guidance on relationships and business
  • An on-the-spot look at the best times to do something, for example, ask someone out, end a relationship, pop the question, apply for a job, buy a car, launch a book or website, take an exam, give a talk, throw a party, and even go on vacation

For a more in-depth session, including personality delineation or relationship compatibility, please book a Full Reading instead.

A link to a scheduling app will be provided in your order confirmation email.

2 text or email follow-up clarifications are included in the price.

Payment is required before scheduling a session (you will require the order number to schedule the reading). 
All major currencies accepted - see our Payment Policy.

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