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Real-time readings are unbeatable for drilling down on what is puzzling you, dive deep and flex as needed. You can ask clarifications during the call, we can cover multiple topics, and ensure that you get exactly what you need from our time together.

This is for a real-time 60-minute session via Zoom, Whatsapp or phone. 

Perfect for an in-depth chart analysis, update on current/future transits, the year ahead (solar return, profections), advice on relationships, help with decisions, and more: 

  • Making sense of current, past, and future trends:
    * the week ahead
    * the month ahead
    * Three months ahead
    * The year ahead
    * Last year
    * Three years ago
    * etc.

  • Deep insights into your romantic and business relationships:
    * What do I need from a relationship?
    * Are we compatible?
    * How should I best approach him/her?
    * What does he/she like and need?
    * How does he/she communicate?
    * How does he/she express love or behave in a relationship?
    * Why do I always attract or get attracted to a particular type of person?
    * Who would be my perfect partner?
    * Is he/she the one?
    * Why do we argue so much?
    * Why did he/she behave this way?
    * When will I find love?
    * How do they see me?
    * What are their intentions?
    * Is this business or person a good potential partner for me?
    * When will money be coming in?
    * Should I set up a business in this area?
    * What are my best chances of success?
    * What are the best careers or businesses for me?
    * Why has it been so difficult recently?
    * Why did that happen to me?

  • Guidance on the best times to do something, for example:
    * get married
    * ask someone out
    * end a relationship
    * pop the question
    * apply for a job
    * schedule an important meeting
    * sign a contract
    * buy a car
    * launch a book or website
    * take an exam
    * give a talk
    * throw a party
    * get a pet
    * go on vacation

For a more light-touch session, please book a Mini Reading instead.

A link to a scheduling app will be provided in your order confirmation email.

2 text or email follow-up clarifications are included in the price.

Payment is required before scheduling a session (you will require the order number to schedule the reading). 
All major currencies accepted - see our Payment Policy.

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