Relationship Needs and Patterns Report

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Tired of ending up in the wrong relationships? Or of being alone? 

How would you like to understand the patterns and dynamics in your love life? Or your partner's needs and quirks?

Discover how the planets of love and connection in your natal chart (your true ‘horoscope’) trigger certain behaviours and repeated patterns. 

* What do I need from a relationship?
* Where do certain behaviours come from?
* Why do I always attract or get attracted to a particular type of person?
* Why does it always end up the same?

The Relationship Needs and Patterns Report strips down your or your partners' needs when it comes to love, all the way from your first relationships with your families, to associations with friends and peers, and - ultimately - your significant adult bonds. Deep and revealing, this will bare your souls! 

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Included in your report:
  • Family - No matter what your individual fate may be, your family is where you forged your earliest relationships, took your beginning steps and first experienced an attachment to someone else. Your earliest experiences of forming an emotional bond have a decisive influence on your capacity to feel safe enough to explore relationships beyond the foundation stones of your family.
  • Siblings, cousins and neighbours - Initial experiences of these relationships make their impression on our attitudes towards companionship, partnership and friendship. 
  • Friends, acquaintances and colleagues - These are kin we choose, and as such reflective of our relationship patterns.
  • Equality and partnership - Describes the intimate dance between yourself and your partner.
  • Pleasure, Passion and Love - What you find attractive and the values you place upon your relationships, what you need to feel partnered and your own inner sense of worth and value that wants to be appreciated, honoured and respected. How you express your desires, frustrations and energy.
  • Karmic Encounters - You won’t meet your kindred spirits accidentally. In the chronicles of the soul, there are no accidents, only meaningful coincidences; as such your soulmates are already familiar to you, already part of you. 


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