Best Dates for A Wedding

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    Give your marriage the best possible start in life with the Wedding Planner!

    Take the stress out of choosing a wedding date and reduce the odds of getting it wrong on your Biggest Day of all! 

    Electional or Event Astrology allows you to pinpoint the most auspicious date for your wedding based on yours and your partner's natal charts and transits. An important tool to ensure your wedding and your marriage start on the best possible foot!

    As well as electing the date, this package includes a detailed synastry (couple compatibility) report - in pdf format - to help you understand and work with the dynamics between you and your partner. Relationships reports - one for each partner - are also included.

    To recap what's included:

    - The best date for your wedding (minimum 3 options)

    - Compatibility report

    - 2x Relationships reports

    IMPORTANT: Please provide yours and your partner's birth details - location, date, year, and time to the minute - under Special Instructions at checkout.

    Delivery Times:

    1 week.