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Quite simply the best astrological reports out there! Detailed and accurate, they offer deep revelations about yourself, your life, your relationships, or the trends for the months ahead. Ideal as a present for yourself or somebody else, this is a lasting memento that you can go back to again and again. Check out the feedback on social media and sample reports for each before you buy!

Delivered within 1 week.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please add your birth time, date, and place to your order.

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Personality Report: Your Natal Promise

Your personality, style, goals, and values 

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  • Life goals
  • Home
  • Education and communication
  • Relationships
  • Motivation
  • Career
  • Creativity and originality
  • Challenges in life
  • Purpose and joy

Your Birthday Report: Solar Return 

The Major Themes of The Twelve Months After Your Birthday

The perfect birthday gift! Tailored to your personal astrology, and calculated for your birthday this year, discover the key themes of the twelve months ahead. Ideal as an annual update for existing client.   

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  • Introduction to Solar Returns
  • This Year’s Major Themes
  • This Year’s Personal Matters
  • This Year’s Challenges
  • This Year’s Lessons
  • This Year’s Journey 

Soul Contracts

There is nothing like it!!!

This report strips down your or your partners' needs when it comes to love, all the way from your first relationships with your families, then associations with friends and peers, and - ultimately - your significant adult bonds. Deep and revealing, this will bare your souls! Click here for a sample report.

  • Lunar Legacies: Your Family Bonds
  • Primary Patterns of Relationship
  • Friends, Acquaintances and Colleagues
  • Equality and Partnership
  • Pleasure, Passion and Lov
  • Crossing Paths - Karmic Encounters

Composite Report

When two become one...

This looks at how your individual charts combine into a new one - that of the relationship as an entity of its own accord. The Composite Chart merges the astrologies of the two of you and sheds light on the core essence of you as a couple. View Sample Report here.

  • The Heart of Your Relationship — The Composite Sun
  • The Soul of Your Relationship – The Composite Moon
  • Communing and Conversing – The Composite Mercury
  • Love and Desires – Composite Venus and Mars
  • Growth and Commitment – Composite Jupiter and Saturn
  • Influences – Composite Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
  • Destiny and Opportunities – Composite Chiron and the Nodes

Compatibility Report

Improve your relationship, understand the dynamics behind it

One of the most detailed couple compatibility reports on the market! Understand what’s driving your partner's behaviour, or simply enjoy a more fulfilling home or work life.  This shows how your charts intertwine and react with one another, exploring the unique ties that exist between the two of you. View Sample Report here.

Understand your partner:

  • How they think
  • What they need to feel safe and thrive
  • What they see in you
  • What their values and motivations are

Understand the 
dynamics of the relationship:

  • Points of contact between planets and houses across the two charts
  • Opportunities and challenges.

Monthly Report: Lunar Return

Like a birthday, but for the Moon. This is a preview of the month ahead.

Every month, the Moon returns to the exact position it held in your natal chart at your time of birth. This is like a mini-birthday chart and the arrangement of planets it displays reflects the patterns, energies, and opportunities that are likely to present themselves over the following 28 days.

This Lunar Return assessment gives the brush strokes of the ebb and flow of your life in the following month. Your physical and emotional reserves are described, adding colour and clarity to patterns, circumstances and events. This in turn helps you plan how to cope with everyday life during the course of the month.

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  • Temperament This Month
  • Emotional Satisfaction
  • Turning Point 
  • Vitality
  • Communicating Your Needs
  • Drive and Determination
  • Social Needs

Your Vocation Report: Self-Fulfilment At Work

Where do your talents and needs lie?

Based on Brian Clarke’s book “Vocation: The Astrology of Career, Creativity and Calling“, this report offers deep insights into your soul’s expression through career, to reveal what you need for a congruent, fulfilling work life.

Self-fulfillment is a product of who we are, not what we do. Our vocational nature implies a path of individuation, a road ‘less traveled by’, and in many ways, a road permanently under construction.

Check out the sample report below – you won’t be disappointed!

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  • How astrology can help
  • Vocation and Destiny
  • Vocation and Direction
  • Vocation and Character
  • Income
  • Work
  • Profession

Old Wounds Report: Chiron In Your Chart

Understand and heal your wounds

Chiron reveals a person’s wounds, how to heal those that can be healed, and how to accept those that cannot. By exploring Chiron in a person’s chart, the path to healing and becoming psychologically well is highlighted. Doors to a larger perspective are revealed, and lessons are learned which enable you to teach others what you have discovered.

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Warning: This report may give rise to strong emotions. It may even stir up long-forgotten memories and colour your dream life as you sleep. The purpose is to help you learn and as you learn the lessons of Chiron then you see the world in new ways, follow your own unique path, and discover doors opening, doors that you did not even realize were there. It is the guide to your personal quest.

Chiron in the Chart shows us where we are most vulnerable to hurts, what will ultimately comfort us, how to assimilate our pain, what we feel passionately about, our emotional truth and how to share this truth with others. Chiron shows the beauty in each person’s journey towards emotional truth and self-acceptance. The path may be painful but the journey is ultimately rewarding. 


Your Child’s Report

Understand and support your child

Priceless gift for new parents! Understand your child and his/her potential, learn how to nurture and encourage them, build an even stronger bond with them, and help them develop to the best of their abilities.

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  • Family and Friends
  • Talents and Schooling
  • Goals
  • Childhood Journey

Your Pet’s Report

Our best friends – understand and help them thrive

Yes, astrology also works for pets! Understanding a little more about their needs, strengths, and personalities can help you nurture them better, and forge an even stronger bond with them. 

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  • Personality
  • Lifestyle
  • Health and Diet
  • Training
  • Owner
  • Temperament

Personalised Astrological Transits

12 months of transits to your natal chart, with challenges and opportunities highlighted

Be prepared for the daily opportunities and challenges before they present themselves. Moon sign changes, Void of Course, Retrogrades, Aspects to your Natal placements.

Delivered as a PDF with the option of an additional iCal/vCal file (the latter on request) for import into your mobile/computer calendar.

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Can money bring YOU happiness?

This is a unique and original report that highlights the riches inherent in your  Birth Chart. Unpack your inborn relationship with money. How do you feel rich? What do you need in your life that is of true worth? Are you able to attract material wealth if it is indeed important to you?

The report includes:

  • Your Money Temperament (Sun, Moon and Ascendant in Signs).
  • Your Relationship with Money (Venus in Signs).
  • Your Personal Income (2nd House Cusp Signs and Rulers, 2nd House Planets).
  • Your Shared Income (8th House Cusp Signs and Rulers, 8th House Planets).
  • Your Fortune (Part of Fortune in Signs and Houses).

View sample Money report (for Bill Gates)


Customer Reviews

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Uranian indeed!

This sign-by-sign breakdown of Uranus in Taurus from @SparkAstrology was so spot on that I had to get a Year Ahead Report. Well worth it! Much appreciation!

Solar Return report

Just wanted to give a shout out to @SparkAstrology…. anyone looking to get their Solar Return chart done, get one from her. It’s incredibly detailed and full of helpful insights, and she gets it to you rather quickly!

Touchingly accurate!

A huge thank you to Marilena at @SparkAstrology for her brilliant natal report written for the boy. Reading this report felt like a family member writing, she knew him so well! My Daughter was thrilled and a bit tearful; it was so wonderfully him!